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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Resident Evil 5 help?

ok so i just got Resident Evil 5. my little brother started to play it before me. when i finally got the chance to play it i couldnt find a way to start everything on me own. like i had weapons that he got and upgrades that he made and im just confused on how to start another one on my own.


If you didn't mind erasing his game save you could do that as well.

You could create another offline profile for yourself, but if its your gamertag and it's gold, I'd just erase the game data and start over.

The only way i know of is to use a different XBOX LIVE account. :(

Will thr Nintendo Dsi fit into a Nintendo Lite case?

Does the Dsi fot into the Ds Lite case. I have%26#039;t got a Lite so I cant tell, and my Dsi hasnt arrived in tthe post yet. But when it does im going to get a case for it. Will Ds Lite cases hold the Dsi securly

Yes it will, the only difference is that there will be a little extra space in the case just because the DSi is 12% thinner. I have a case from my DS lite and it holds the DSi pretty well. But if you%26#039;re talking about a hard case, I wouldn%26#039;t know since i have a soft one.

The DSi is slightly smaller so if you mean like a carrying case then yeah, but if you mean a protective case that stays on all the time then no.

the DSi will probably fit in the DS Lite case, it just may slid around a bit, because it%26#039;s a few inches smaller then the DS Lite.

It might not fit, the DSi is wider (across) and narrower (in tabletop height) than the original DS.

I dont think it will because the dsi is either a little bit smaller or larger than the ds ( i cant remember)

They%26#039;re exactly the same size. The DSi is just a few grams lighter.


Trading a level 85 adventure quest gaurdian account for any level runescape account over level 40!?

my email is babyprincess3283@yahoo.com for more information,and the account also comes with 4 other level 60 's on the same file,but only the level 85 is a guardian.

I will

What is quest guardian?

Oh and when you tell me you can have mine and is it free AND all that other goodstuff thank you.

Guitar Hero Experts? Please Help!?

I have guitar hero on playstation 2 but my brothers have lost the wireless receiver, I've looked everywhere for it but they don't seem to care.

Is there anywhere that I can buy a new receiver without having to buy another guitar?

Also, is each receiver "tuned" to its personal guitar or will a different one automatically link to my guitar?

http://tiny url.com/db3mox

There you go, buddy. Fill in the gap, Yahoo wouldn't allow me to post the full link.

A guitar can be linked to any receiver. There should be a syncronize button on both your Guitar and the receiver. Press them both at the same time and they will link together.

try going on ebay and amazon i got mine on there and they do spare parts (i went on amazon)

I think u nid to practice it using ps2 controller.....

How do you get this cheat on the sims 2 for p.c.?

there is this weird machine that makes you have babies with anyone and you can make your sim have a baby a.s.a.p. i really want to know cause i can't find it and it was the best cheat when i had it a while back.

just do the cheat boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then spawn the tombstone and from there you can add to family babies, children, whatever

Wow account how much is it worth?

How much is a lvl 80 paladin worth? just straight up... i just capped him so he has no gear.


$150 at most without any sort of gear. Nothing there to sweeten the deal.

absolutly nothing because buying/selling/trading/sharing of accounts is illegal


I havent a clue sorry

How do u activate cheat codes on sims 2 for gamecube?

You have to put in the cheat mode code during game play. It is Left, Right, Up, Left, Z. The 9,999 money cheat is Right, Left, Z, Right, Left. The unlock all recipes is Z, B, Up, Down, Right, A. The unlock all objects is Z, X, Down, Left, Up. The unlock all places is X, Z, Left, X, Up, X. Hope this helps. (just so you know you have to put in the cheat mode code in before all the other ones.

Trading in Resident Evil 5?

How much would I get if I traded in resident evil 5 at gamestop.

Roughly around $19.50

I would sell it on eBay or Craigslist you get more!

$30 - $35

How much are playstation 3s used?

250 and up

How much is a ps3 controller and how much is a ps3 memory card or does a ps3 come with these?

The Sixaxis is 50 bucks. Dual Shock 3 is 55 bucks.

The PS3 comes with a hard drive, so you can use the hard to save your game progress.

If you want to get a memory card, just look for a USB flash drive. If you have the 60 and old 80 gb, you can use SD, MemoryStick Pro, and Compact Flash cards.

Is FF:Echoes of Time any good?

Is the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time on the DS any good? I remember the crystal chronicles on the gamecube sucked like heck, is there a good storyline and gameplay in Echoes?

gameplay is basically an action-adventure rpg, with some puzzles, its based on co-op, so its better if you have a firned, and the storyline is pretty much squareenix stuff, not too good, not too bad.

Whats the best racing game for xbox 360?

whats the best racing game for xbox 360 i want a realistic racing game i have a racing simulator

DiRT - a EXTREMLY realistic rally racing game. Most realistic racing game i've ever played in my life!

GRiD - Basically the same game as DiRT just on roads and tracks versus on dirt. Also EXTREMLY realistic!

Those two are seriously the most realistic racing games out there except for games like Gran Turismo which I actually find extremly boring and quite UNrealistic.

If you have online for your PS3 you can download a demo for each one and try it out.

So if you want a realistic, fun, high-pace racing game get DiRT or GRiD.

paradise,need for speed undercover and need for speed carbon

Men Dirt 2 will be the best one...i think you should wait until in comes out...

oh and can you please answer the the last question I asked please?...

Baja: Edge of Control

It's a off road racing game if you like off road racing! The best I've played yet!

Harvest moon question please help?

ok i know in harvest moon a wonderful life when you die the game ends. however i have the special edition one. and on the back it says "keep playing even when the main game ends" does that mean i play as my son or daughter. it was under special edition includes.

It probably means that once you complete the game you just keep playing as the same character, kind of an open ended game like Oblivion.

Call of duty world at war xbox 360 question ?

How do people get 10th prestige so quick?? when the game was released someone got 10th prestige within 2 weeks? but how ??

people get 10th prestige faster then that, the way how is they have no life, they played the game when it first came out and only stop to go to the bathroom(maybe) and to eat other then that they were playin constantly. I mean call of duty is a good game yeah and i love to play it but cmon thats a little insane.

CAll of duty games are prone to glitches (especially ps3) and they use these glitches to their advantages. Also some people hack the game. Also like he said, some people have no life

Devil May Cry vs. God of War?

Which one do you like better?



Devil May Cry

GOD OF WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

World of Warcraft Question?

Hi! :D

I quit a while ago and want to see how the game has changed since the release of Wrath of the Lich king.

Unfortunately, I used a scroll just after the Burning Crusade came out.

Due to changes in the game, I do not know if I actually want to buy game time.

So is it possible to use a Scroll of Resurrection more than once? (From a different person of course)

Of course you can just get the person to send the email to re-invite you to WoW then you will get another bit of game time so no worries :)

Gta4 Awp TROPHY! playstation 3?

me n my mate decided to go for the awp trophy we did everything on the list still no trophy,grr!

i have the same problem. it do the trophy but it wont give it to me. im not sure what to do. :( im one trophy away from platinum

WoW Scroll of Resurrection?

Hi! :D

Just wondering if anyone would be willing to use the scroll on me?

Quit a while ago and want to see how the game has changed ;)

Message me for my info?

Thanks in advance!

ill do it, email me lukykentuky@yahoo.com

Why should I buy Fallout 3?

I have heard from friends and reviews that this is a great game. I have a PS3 and will get it for that system if I do choose to buy it. I just want to know what other people like and dislike about it.

Thanks in advance.

One of the BEST games on the 360... or ever.

The size and amount of things you can do is amazing, not upto oblivion but still impressive.

The graphics are very nice, the atmosphere... so good.

You can get SO much game for your buck when you buy fallout, you can play for 50 hours without even touching the main quest.

Bottom line: Buy this game, it's a must own.

It's an awesome game. If you've ever played Oblivion or Morrowind, then it'll be kinda like them in the way you play the game.

it doesn't require you to do any quest in particular. You can do whatever you want in the game. it has all sorts of miniquests you can do.

the only thing that i didn't like about it was that the main story was so short.

if u like to wander around a huge planet and explore then this is the game for you. in this game u have to take care of yourself, your weapons, and u missions. it can be a little frustrating at times but if your into that role playing game then you will like it.

I hated it

Overdramatic and too many bugs for my liking

Which is better on Cod5?

Which weapon is better in cod5 online?

1) double barrel or trench gun

2)STG-44 or MP40

3)BAR or M1A1 Carbine

1) Double barrel

2) STG-44 with red dot

3) BAR

Get the extra ammo unlocked for the BAR!

1) Double Barrel

2) I think MP40

3) I think BAR

trench, stg, m1a1

What moves should I teach my Shaymin on pokemon diamond?

Im going to a Shaymin event tommorow and I want to know what the best moves to teach it would be.

'If you're going to the UK event, your Shaymin will arrive at Lvl 50 and already know Substitute, Aromatherapy, Seed Flare and Energy Ball, which are a good mix of healing, protective and offensive moves.

If you're planning on getting Platinum, don't do anything with Shaymin yet, wait until you have Platinum and then transfer him over, you'll be able to unlock the Gracidea Flower which transforms Shaymin into its Sky Forme, in which it can learn Air Slash, a cool Flying-type move, at Lvl 64. I would replace Substitute with this (but remember that Air Slash can only be used during the day, because Shaymin reverts to its Land Forme at night). Aromatherapy is a useful move because it heals the status conditions of your entire team.

If you're not planning on getting Platinum, you can't access the Sky Forme (yet), but the moveset Shaymin arrives with is still pretty cool. Although I'm not a fan of Substitute, it does give you a breather, and in some cases that can be enough to get the battle back on track. Otherwise, a move like Giga Drain might be a useful replacement for Substitute, as it can absorb the opponent's HP. This, combined with Aromatherapy and the two offensive moves (which normally Shaymin wouldn't learn until lvls 73 and 100 - think of it as a treat for obtaining the special Shaymin) make Shaymin a versatile and useful addition to the team.

i think you should train him to 100 and see what moves that does the much damage or makes him slower on attacks etc.

then at 100 if your not happy you can learn him some good tm's if you want just do your way man i have learned my shaymin four tm's that are pretty good but i recomend you think about it and see what moves he can learn:D

Where is the Gamecube Lens located?

I'm pretty sure its somewhere in the Gamecube.........XD

It should be located on where u put the disk in.The disk drive!