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Saturday, July 24, 2010

How much does a ds xl cost on lockerz?

35,343 points, 189 bucks

its impossible to get it in points xD

I have a sims 2 question?Please help!?

I downloaded a few things from modthesims.com and they work perfectly in the game. However everything i downloaded from the sims2 exchange, disappeared for some strange reason. ;

MW2: What perks would go best for the UMP45?

I can

Sims 2, baby in my house?!?!?

Theres a couple on there that are friends with me. They came over and left their twin sons in my house =.= everytime I Call one to come ovver when they leave they set the baby back down !!? WTF up with this child abuse crap :l LOL help me, I want those stinky babies out !! :3
1. go into game n press CTRL SHIFT C to access the cheat window

2. type in expand

3. type in moveobjects on

4. click on the baby n press delete


:D yayyyy baby go poof


To turn off the cheat : type moveobjects off

to exit cheat window: type in exit

Greeting cards that involve a photograph?

My best friend is turning 18 soon and i wanted to make her a really special card.

I was thinking of something involving a photo of her and I as kids.

Any ideas????
What about making an easel card? I have made a few of these and they seem to be received well :)

I made a tutorial for you about them here:


First, ask yourself if you have such a photo. If you do, throw it out and come up with a better idea.

How much does a used Megaman Zero Collection cost at Gamestop?

I need a new DS game.
It Costs $29.99 new and I think it costs $24.99 used.

Is there something wrong with my ps2 fat?

I have just recently bought need for speed undercover and i tried to play it but when i press start it says i need to create a new profile underneath it says yes or no but i can