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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Runescape skill Trouble?

I have a level 57(combat level) 50attack 50strength 45defence 25range 21prayer 33magic 47hippoints 40mining 35smithing 35fishing 45cooking 26firemaking 46woodcutting. But i really want to continue into magic. i have 33magic (mention above) but i wont be good at it because i have my attack strength and defense all higher than my magic level right? I need help, in order to become a really good powerful wizard in this game. And if i cant. whats the best thing i can become?? Thanks!
Magic is an independent combat skill. Your other combat stats do not affect what you can do in magic whatsoever. Even a high range level (like 99) does not affect your magic. Just wear magic armor :)

Runescape is just one of those games when you can switch classes anytime you want. Just by a simple change of equipment.
you can still become a mage, just wear armour that gives decent mage bonuses
You can definitely branch into magic, all you need to do is buy runes and get training. Your other stats don

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