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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Should i get the Xbox 360?

I have been researching the xbox 360, ever since i started to play modern warfare at my friends house. i got addicted quick and now i need to get one! i know about the xbox 360 slim and all the new stuff, but a im going to hopefully get an old xbox 360 arcade. i think that it has 20 gb, but could i attach another harddrive? and what are the ports and everything on the back? i have 200 dollars saved up, so i think i get get a used xbox and a good game to start me off. but i just need to know some more info before i can buy it. and what are the requirements for me to actual play the games and stuff? right now i have a wii, but i need to get an xbox 360 to play all the cool new games and stuff. and what other features does this console have? i heard it has a lot more then just games.
ps3 fanboys need to get out of xbox questions.xbox slim. quieter than the original,250gb,built in wireless(so you dont need to buyy the adapter) trust me better off getting all of the stuff now instead of later. get the slim you already got adapter bigger hard drive. and the new slim shouldnt over heat if you have it in a well open space
Get a PS1? there much better as you can play crash bandicoot and digimon :)
no. i really think that xbox is too addicting. my boyfriend has one. he has gone through so many because they break easy too. he has spent over 3 grand on xbox

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