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Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to get into a Modern Warfare2 10th prestige Lobby?

I want to get into a call of duty modern warfare 2 modded lobby.. So I can get 10th prestige automatically. can anyone tell me how to? a bunch of my friends were able to get instant 10th prestige, all weapons unlocked, all titles, emblems, ect... can anyone help me please?
I got my 10th prestige from a website Se7enSins. They have a bunch of them every day that are free.

You have to find someone who is hosting they have a jtagged xbox and then they will ask you to pay money around 1200-1600 microsoft points. You could get conned though so make sure they are legit best way is ask who your mates got it done by and use the same person then you know they are legit, personally I say nothing beats using pure skill to get there but it is your choice :P

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