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Saturday, July 24, 2010

How much does a ds xl cost on lockerz?

35,343 points, 189 bucks

its impossible to get it in points xD

I have a sims 2 question?Please help!?

I downloaded a few things from modthesims.com and they work perfectly in the game. However everything i downloaded from the sims2 exchange, disappeared for some strange reason. ;

MW2: What perks would go best for the UMP45?

I can

Sims 2, baby in my house?!?!?

Theres a couple on there that are friends with me. They came over and left their twin sons in my house =.= everytime I Call one to come ovver when they leave they set the baby back down !!? WTF up with this child abuse crap :l LOL help me, I want those stinky babies out !! :3
1. go into game n press CTRL SHIFT C to access the cheat window

2. type in expand

3. type in moveobjects on

4. click on the baby n press delete


:D yayyyy baby go poof


To turn off the cheat : type moveobjects off

to exit cheat window: type in exit

Greeting cards that involve a photograph?

My best friend is turning 18 soon and i wanted to make her a really special card.

I was thinking of something involving a photo of her and I as kids.

Any ideas????
What about making an easel card? I have made a few of these and they seem to be received well :)

I made a tutorial for you about them here:


First, ask yourself if you have such a photo. If you do, throw it out and come up with a better idea.

How much does a used Megaman Zero Collection cost at Gamestop?

I need a new DS game.
It Costs $29.99 new and I think it costs $24.99 used.

Is there something wrong with my ps2 fat?

I have just recently bought need for speed undercover and i tried to play it but when i press start it says i need to create a new profile underneath it says yes or no but i can

Should i get the Xbox 360?

I have been researching the xbox 360, ever since i started to play modern warfare at my friends house. i got addicted quick and now i need to get one! i know about the xbox 360 slim and all the new stuff, but a im going to hopefully get an old xbox 360 arcade. i think that it has 20 gb, but could i attach another harddrive? and what are the ports and everything on the back? i have 200 dollars saved up, so i think i get get a used xbox and a good game to start me off. but i just need to know some more info before i can buy it. and what are the requirements for me to actual play the games and stuff? right now i have a wii, but i need to get an xbox 360 to play all the cool new games and stuff. and what other features does this console have? i heard it has a lot more then just games.
ps3 fanboys need to get out of xbox questions.xbox slim. quieter than the original,250gb,built in wireless(so you dont need to buyy the adapter) trust me better off getting all of the stuff now instead of later. get the slim you already got adapter bigger hard drive. and the new slim shouldnt over heat if you have it in a well open space
Get a PS1? there much better as you can play crash bandicoot and digimon :)
no. i really think that xbox is too addicting. my boyfriend has one. he has gone through so many because they break easy too. he has spent over 3 grand on xbox

What is a good and cheap acyclic paint to use on wooden birdhouses?

If you buy the acrylic paint at a craft store, you can buy various qualities including really cheap ones--the cheapies may need more coats though since they

Is this a good x-saber deck?

once again i have a small budget but please still do leave ideas for cards to add/take out


x-saber airbellum

x-saber airbellum

x-saber airbellum

xx-saber fulhelmknight

comrade swordsman of landstar

junk synchron

magna drago


road synchron

x-saber galahad

x-saber uruz

xx-saber ragigaura

xx-saber ragigaura

giant rat

giant rat

summoner monk

cyber gymnast

marauding captain

marauding captain


maha vailo

magician of faith

quillbolt hedgehog

quillbolt hedgehog


d.d. warrior

gearfried the iron knight


xx-saber gardstrike

commander gottoms, swordmaster


pot of avarice

lightning vortex

brain control

mind control

sword of sparkles

sword of sparkles


heavy storm


book of moon

book of moon


torrential tribute

scrap-iron scarecrow

bottomless trap hole



Not necessarily for the achievement, but for enjoyment. I cannot get across the rivers obviously, and so my space is quite limited. I

Is my team for Pokemon Soul Silver good?


My friend can

We started the same day, and played the same times (Except im on all day and she comes on at diff times multiple times a day) But now shes getting a msg that she can

Are my MW2 commentaries any good?

Some feedback would be sweet! Give it some comment love! Don

Is portable gaming dying?

Is the PSP and the DS dying?
no it is still going strong the knew 3ds is coming games will now be in 3d
Have you not heard of the 3DS coming sometime before March of next year?

those are mainly for pre-teens and kids

ima get my niece a ds when shes old enough so she can understand gaming better

and when my other niece and nephew are done with the ds(understand how to play games better) ill get em an xbox

Ncaa 11 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

When I play ncaa 11 and I get ahead in the third quarter the game puts my 3rd string running back in. I go to depth chart and it still has the starter playing. But when I look at formation substitutions it has the third stringer in. My injury report says no ones hurt. Why does it do this?
turn auto subs off... and if your blowing the team out thats probably why your third string running back is in

What is your Pokemon Dream Team?

This is mine












Secondarie: Umbreon
how old are you
Well, if you like losing, that

Why won

So i bought the Sims 2 double deluxe and it says that it also has the sims 2 nightlife and Celebration Stuff on it. I went to install it and it said Please Install Disc One. The problem was that there was only 1 disc in the box and it didnt say disc 1 or 2 on the game disc. I went back and exchanged it thinking it might have been defected but it did the same thing on the one i exchanged. Can someone please tell me why it keeps saying this when there is only 1 disc?! Please help me get this to work!
It might be something to do with the anti piracy measures on the disc. With all Sims games past Nightlife I think, including the deluxe releases, they fitted the discs with Securom which can be a bastard no matter what game it is!

If it faults again, ring EA and they should have the problem, and if it doesn

Does anime pavilion sell yu-gi-oh cards?

anime pavilion is in falls church, NVA
They do! From Booster Packs, Structure Decks, Starter Decks, Single Cards and even Booster Boxes. As for as Singles goes: commons are 10 cents each and then they have a large binder full of a bunch of Holo cards that have a varied price range.

Hope this helps!
i dont know.

Should I get an Xbox 360 or a PS3?

I don

I made a private server for wow and have a problem?

i made a private server for wow with the local host but when i try to log on it say can not validate game version what do i do to fix it?
you can change your server info under the file, depending on what patch you have there are at least 2 spots you need to change. i would be careful technology advances faster than hackers, meaning blizzard is learning new ways to find people who made private servers and sue them. i know a woman who had one she was making millions from it, she had around 1.5 million players and was beginning to get Famous from it and even dated someone from nickel back. then when she wanted to sneak around blizzard and get lich king she ended up penny less in a jail cell after being sued for hundreds of millions
look for videos on youtube

Allods Online is a Free to Play MMORPG ,but what is the catch?

I know that its F2P but does it have cards that you can buy?
Allods is probably the most expensive game to play on the MMORPG market right now.

In Allods, you have to buy potions and a number of other things, just to be able to do basic stuff that other games offer for free after their monthly fee.

Allods is basically a pretty good WoW Clone. But, the problem is in WoW you can raid as many times as you want for the montly fee of $15. Where as in Allods, it

Is Thief Deadly Shadows scary?

The game looks really interesting to me (as a fan of stealth games, like Splinter Cell), but I really don

I Have Gta-Eposides from liberty city and my friend has normal gta can we play online together in party mode?

sorry mate no you cant even play online in normal gta

Can someone please give me guitar hero II tips?


How to get into a Modern Warfare2 10th prestige Lobby?

I want to get into a call of duty modern warfare 2 modded lobby.. So I can get 10th prestige automatically. can anyone tell me how to? a bunch of my friends were able to get instant 10th prestige, all weapons unlocked, all titles, emblems, ect... can anyone help me please?
I got my 10th prestige from a website Se7enSins. They have a bunch of them every day that are free.

You have to find someone who is hosting they have a jtagged xbox and then they will ask you to pay money around 1200-1600 microsoft points. You could get conned though so make sure they are legit best way is ask who your mates got it done by and use the same person then you know they are legit, personally I say nothing beats using pure skill to get there but it is your choice :P

Which one is better slim or elite? for XBOX 360?And what wrong with refurbish or something?


Does anyone else agree?

That the PS2 and Gamecube games are ALOT BETTER than the games on PS3 and the Wii?
Well that

Is Crackdown 2 Worth Buying?


Should my Kadabra forget a move for Future Sight?

It is in the original silver version, it is a level 31, and the moves it already knows are Recover, Confusion, Disable, and Psybeam. I just want to know if it is worth replacing another move for it.
I wouldn

Can you buy Arcana Heart 2 at Gamestop or order online?

only way to find out is call your local game stop or go to gamestop.com and search for it there

Pokemon Soul Silver Team?

ok so i was wondering if someone could rate my team to tell me how good it is here are the pokemon


air slash

sunny day





water spout

ice beam



energy ball

sludge bomb

sleep powder

leech seed


dragon claw


dragon dance





brick break

stealth rock


shadow ball

calm mind


night shade

if you have any better ideas for there movesets please let me know thank you
Okay i rate this a 5/10 its balanced but the movesets arent and ur pokemon lack type coverage the one thing u must take in mind wen building a team ok so here are the best movesets for each:(not all need to change movesets only some)


air slash

sunny day





water spout

ice beam


Blastoise is good but crunch is a move thats better with Blastoise since physical moves are better


energy ball

Solar Beam


Giga Drain

Venausaur needs alot of change he lacks type coverage the moves it has arent effective against his main weakness fire. so these would help that way some of its moves are capable of taking down some fire pokemon.


dragon claw


dragon dance


I only added one other move since it needs to cover its ice weakness





stealth rock

Tyrannitar again needs improvement thunderbolt will take water pokemon down and crucnh will make the best of his physical attacks


shadow ball

calm mind

Pain Split


Firepunch again covering its weaknesses Pain Split a must on a Dusknoir and its good u have Calm Mind its good for Sp.Atk based pokemon

Well thats the best movesets for these pokemon i like your team just a little few tweaks.If u have any questions email me

How do you people like big time rush?

The TV show?

Uhh, I think you

Mass Effect 2- 2 part question?

Ok I lost Miranda

How long does zippo lighter fluid last?

How long does zippo lighter fluid last in a can that

PS2 Games ALOT MORE FUN than PS3 Games?

Anyone else agree?
I agree, the PS2 has more of those games that are just more fun to play eg: Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, the earlier Ratchet and Clank games and the Jak and Daxter games. Plus the lack of trophies/achivements ( i have a 360) means you dont get roped into whoring for the points/gamerscore. You can just have fun with the games, same goes for PS1 (eg: all PS1 Crash Bandicoot games (especially CTR)).
Depends on what you think is fun. i played with ps2 and ps3 but i usually play pc games but i still think ps3 is more fun then ps2
PS1 is where its at Tony Hawk

What is the new gaming console that is motion sensored and you do not need controllers?

I saw on the news theres a new gaming console coming out whats motion sensored and you do not need controllers like what is it Eg. Wii, Xbox, Playstaion.

Thanks. Muse2399
I dont know what you saw but its not an actual system. Its a camera for the Xbox 360. It does let you play games without a controller like race car, and dancing, etc. Its call Kinect like these guys said. ^^^^
its not called kinect its called Project Natal and its a addon for the xbox!!

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Its the Xbox 360, but its an addon, its called kinect
Its not a console, its an addon to the Xbox 360 and is called the Kinect.
Its a addon for the xbox 360 called the kinect. the new gaming console you seen may be the new xbox 360 slim witch is made for the kinect where the old xbox360 you need an adapter but still works


World of warcraft poll?

What is your favorite class to level? to raid with? to pvp with? and why. :)
To Level: Hunter. Most soloable class around. Period.

To Raid: Have multiple toons and can

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What are some good gamecube games?

Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

DK Jungle Beat

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

Battalion Wars

Super Monkey Ball 2

Killer 7

Timesplitters 2

Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

Viewtiful Joe

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

Soulcalibur 2

Resident Evil

Beyond Good

In the yugioh card game in average game play (not tounaments), is a 15 side deck a necessity?

Can you switch in any number of your extra cards as long as you stay under the 60 card limit or is 15 card side deck apply to non tournament games as well?Like if you

WoW Primary Professions for Hunter?

Hey guys,


Why is Runescape popular?

Why is it popular?

Horrible graphics, repetitive gameplay, terrible movement controls, small world, takes too long to level things up and the people who you play with can be very rude.

HARVEST mOON dS HELP!!!!!!!!!! :)?

im new to harvest moon and im addicted to it i must say my only concern is I have alot of problems trying to make money and maxing affection. I heard there were cheat codes but im not sure what they are or how to enter them on a Ds. It would b helpful if somene could tell me cuz i really want to get married but i dont have enough money so i would like a code for that to. also when u do enter it what happens does it mess up gameplay are there any consequenses thx:) PS: VAughn is sexxy!
If you want to enter a cheat code, you will have to buy an action replay. you can get them at, wallmart, toys R us, future shop, etc. If you use the action replay to many times on your DS it may mess up your game. If you do end up getting an action relapy a good site to go to is:


To raise affection on the one you want to marry, give them their favorite presents.Also their is an action replay cheat to raise their heart to red.
Check out Gamefaqs.com and look up your HM. They have lots of free gamefaqs done by players. In HM usually you have to see the heart events to get the girl to like you. They happen at specific times of the week. It takes a lot of time and practice to earn money in HM so keep trying.

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How do I switch weapons I already haw in assassins creed 2?

I have a mace equipwd but I want a sword that I bought from the blacksmith. How do I swap them?
Go to the Villa, go in the front door, and enter the first door on the left. Inside will be every weapon that you have gotten in the game. Through the back door from the weapon room will be a armor room that contains every armor that you have gotten in the game.

Starter Pokemon Help in Diamond?

Can anyone tell me how to get each of the 3 starter pokemon. Has it got something to do with breeding?
There are very few ways to get all three starters with just one game.

The first (and probably easiest way) is the GTS. Located in Jublilife City, the GTS allows you to make specific trades via Wi-fi. Normally, people will ask for starters or legendaries for starters, but if you keep refreshing your search, you will likely find one for something you have. (I say refresh because good offers get taken fast.) If you were lucky enough to get a female starter, your quest has been simplified. Breed it with any compatible Pokmon, and you will get a baby of your original starter. You can put this up for trade for another starter. (If you have a male, you will not be able to breed it unless you have a Ditto.)

The second way is to organize a definite trade with a friend or online. Sometimes you can find a person friendly enough who will just give you a freshly bred starter Pokmon for pretty much nothing. I

Should I get Dragon Age: Origins?

First thing

Where can i get a clean super mario world?

I Downloaded All Super Mario World Roms i could find but everytime I isp patch the rom and play it stays freaking black screen and says fail where can i get an EXACT Mario world that can work with the hacks made by people cause i downloaded Super Mario World(E) v.1.0 and v1.1 and Super Mario World(U) and they dont work.
I downloaded and tryed Super Mario World from this site and it worked. I used the ZSNES emulator to play it.

What emulator are you using? Are you using Project 64? I searched Nintendo 64 rams and i managed to get mine to work from one of the very first results. . .


Like orange valour or red dots or dust balls floating off what do they all mean
Various effects that have been cast on your characters. You can check the specifics in the character info screen where it lists your current stats (strength, dexterity, etc; it

Which game should I get?

I can

The best site for comparison quotes on cheap home and auto insurance?

Please provide links. Thx.
I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes so you can find the best option for you


When will sly 4 be out.........?

idk but i cant wait

What type of paper is used to print chocolate wrapper labels?

To be more specific like a herseys wrapper
This site may be of help to you - http://wrapcandy.com/
wrapcandy.com will help my friend uses it

Would someone be willing to trade me Ash


Pokemon Nature Breeding Question?

I know that if you make a pokemon hold an everstone, the egg will have a 50% chance of inheriting the nature of the everstone holder.

But, if both pokemon in the daycare had the same nature and had were holding an everstone, will that guarantee the baby pokemon will inherit that nature
no, theres a greater chance, but not always will the baby be same nature
I don

Rate my pokemon platinum team!?

I know I keep asking this all the time but I keep changing it a little bit. Also this is team at the Pastoria Gym. One more thing. I traded my shiny Gyarados for my cousin

X-men mutant academy rom?

On which site can i download x-men mutant academy for the n64?
Are you familiar with torrents? Get the program called Utorrent, it will allow you to download torrents off of any torrent site. Type in google

Red Dead Redemption -

I was just wondering about the achievement/ trophy

How do i get internet on my psp. it says it cant find an access point, i have the original kind?

i want internet so i can buy Jetmoto online on the psp. help me out
you need a good access point in your house first scan for available connections some connections might need a wep key if you have a computer then you can find what the wep key is then just put the wep key in also make sure your wireless swith on youre psp is on.
you need to have wifi in your house and you have to connect to it and if you have a password for your wifi you have to enter that as well

Runescape skill Trouble?

I have a level 57(combat level) 50attack 50strength 45defence 25range 21prayer 33magic 47hippoints 40mining 35smithing 35fishing 45cooking 26firemaking 46woodcutting. But i really want to continue into magic. i have 33magic (mention above) but i wont be good at it because i have my attack strength and defense all higher than my magic level right? I need help, in order to become a really good powerful wizard in this game. And if i cant. whats the best thing i can become?? Thanks!
Magic is an independent combat skill. Your other combat stats do not affect what you can do in magic whatsoever. Even a high range level (like 99) does not affect your magic. Just wear magic armor :)

Runescape is just one of those games when you can switch classes anytime you want. Just by a simple change of equipment.
you can still become a mage, just wear armour that gives decent mage bonuses
You can definitely branch into magic, all you need to do is buy runes and get training. Your other stats don

In call of duty modern warfare 2 is FMJ any good as an attachment ?

specifically does anybody know perhaps the percentage of damage it increases ? For example I know that with stopping power perk your damage is increased by 40 % but with FMJ I have no idea so I don,t know if it,s worth adding it as an attachment ? TYVM
Walter is partly correct.

on certain guns FMJ can make a difference.

Ex. Famas w/ StopPwr Is 1-3 shot kill

Famas w/ StopPwr

Anyone want to race on MySims Racing?

I am looking for friends to race on MySims racing through the WiFi connection. my friends dont have this game so i cant play them on WiFi, let me know, thanks.
yea LETSrace

How do I do these things in Pokemon Soulsilver? Platinum?

How do i get my friend code in these games? How or where do i need to connect to wifi?

I don

I found a gift card from McDonald

It is a paper gift card that is exactly like a business card. there is no expiration date. is something like this collectible? please no smartass answers

MAG or Blacklight Tango Down?

should i get MAG for PS3 or Blacklight Tango Down for much less money on the XBOX 360?
MAG is an awsome game....256 players all at once...game of the year considerations

Were should i buy my ipad?

Were should i buy my ipad i want i good return policy.........i don

What is a good rpg game for my ds?

i am a big fan of rpg

Should a mature 11 year old be able to play GTA San Andreas?

he is allowed to play other games such as red dead redemption, fallout 3, cod MW2, Oblivion,Bioshock, GTA 3, Assassins Creed 2, and other rated M games.
yes, its just a game, a sensible person can realise the difference between games and real life
I believe he should be allowed to play on all games, apart from the GTA series and Saints Row, and others similar, this happened to me and didn

Xbox live microsoft points?

Is there anyway to get microsoft points free? other then scamming people or something like that? i was just wondering. well thanks for any help.
There is no way to get free microsoft points, in the past I wanted them free also but I ended up getting hacked and a virus :p

Just buy them they aren

How do you set up Wi-Fi on the Nintendo DS?

I need to know if i did it right ... thanks.
this is in a game... it will say set up wifi. then find and open slot (out of the 3) and click search for an acess point. some will pop up if there are any. if it has a golden lock you need a code. if the lock is gray you cant use it and if there is no lock, you do not need to enter a password.

on a dsi go to settings internet set up a acess point and do this.find and open slot (out of the 3) and click search for an acess point. some will pop up if there are any. if it has a golden lock you need a code. if the lock is gray you cant use it and if there is no lock, you do not need to enter a password.
Most Games that feature WiFi connectivity have a option on the menu of the game that will open up the WiFi settings for the console. If not, the menu can be accessed through the DS menu

well, first off, if you are using the DSI, you go to settings. If it is a DS lite or Original DS, then there usually is a Nintendo Wi-Fi options thing in the game somewhere. also, you may wanna tell us what you did first xD
http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems try this link, its the nintendo website and they show pictured step by step, really nice.

Diablo 2 plz HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!11?

dose any 1 play the expansion online still

I do on occasion, not very often though as the game is over 10 years old, but me and my friends have been known to do it.

What are some fun sites to go on?

Appropriate please.

Thank you!
Bored.com, obviously.

Addictinggames.com for a good time waster.

Facebook has some cool applications.

y8.com has a variety of games.

Dressupgames.com if you want to dress up things.

Cartoonnetwork.com, Disney.com, and Nick.com has games from its shows.

Teennick.com has games for teens.

And, finally, Yahoo! Games of course!


that site is hilarious lol

If you were a video game creator, and you could create ANY game that you wanted, what game would you make?

For example, I would create Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter. Rate it M, and keep all the gore and fatalitys.

Also, I would create Goldeneye remake for Xbox 360 and PS3. A direct remake with better graphics and an online mode.
I would create an absolute new role-playing game featuring my very own universe.

Could there ever be a Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter? (video game)?

could it ever happen? or would there be issuses between Midway and Capcom on who owns the rights to it?
I doubt it.


A yugioh TCG question?

I haven

Newbie to RPG Games, Some Help Please? I will choose Best Answer?

I just started playing Florensia, and i

Forza motorsport 3 money cheat?

is there a forza 3 money cheat if not is there ANY CHEATS
the cheat posted here does not work anymore due to a patch released a short while ago, if you need credits either race or buy them online at forzamoney.webs.com , i

Can I get banned on psn for saying?

Some jerk some bully said he reported me and msged a moderator on psn about me to get me banned for saying the word butt. I know its ridiculous because butt is a legitimate word and not obscene language to get banned but Im just asking for opinions. The sentence that was said was

Free full version of Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!?

Is it possible to dowload full version of Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! for free?
Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!

Return to Jill Evans hometown of Bakersfield in Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action, a fun and exciting Time Management game! Now an attractive and quaint tourist destination bustling with new stores, Bakersfield has caught the eye of Hollywood producers scouting locations to film their next big action blockbuster. As production gets underway, Bakersfield is overrun with all-new eccentric personalities determined to mix and mingle with the locals.

* Hilarious customers

* Fast-paced action

* Return to Bakersfield!

You can download this game at

Legally, no. It

Monday, July 5, 2010

Any ideas for a rained out pool party?

My daughter

Webkinz cheats?

I know the webkins cheat ctrl m g gives you 1,000,000 kinzcash, but where the heck do you insert the code???????????
hey i bet that one doesnt work but i found one that does. ok do not repost the makers of webkinz will probably find and fix bug. k atthe arcade play zingoz pop. get a decent score(i reccomend above 100 kinzcash) then after u die press replay. then press 2 player. press 2 balls (doesnt matter which) and then when it starts press the golden

How can I tell if my old silver jewelry is real Sterling Silver, or just silver color or plate?

I have several antique pins and brooches. The obvious ones are marked 925 but there are many that are not marked. None of them stick to magnets and all are heavy for their size. And, as far as I can see, none of the metal has been chipped away to expose a possible secondary metal underneath.

I do have one piece, however, that seems to be tarnished in a small area, but will not come off with my polishing cloth. It doesn

How do you know if money is fake?

I just wanna know in case i get fake money! lol
The Secret Service offers these pointers:

-- the presidential portrait on the bill should be lifelike and not blend into the background;

-- the jagged border of the Federal Reserve and Treasury seals should be sharp and clear;

-- serial numbers should be evenly spaced and printed in the same ink color as the Treasury Seal.

Authentic currency paper is embedded with tiny red and blue fibers.

For more information on detecting counterfeit money go to:

Good question

How do I know how much wool I need to knit a scarf?

If the wool says there is 78m per 50g ball and knits on 6.5mm needles with tension 14 stitches to 19 rows then how many square cm or inches will that produce?

I want to knit a scarf for my Nana for Christmas probably about 15cm/6inches wide and 150cm/60inches long.

I can

Board Game ideas for 4 year olds?

They need to learn their ABC

Does Disneyland stay open during rainy days?

does anyone know if the Disneyland in Anaheim, California stay open if its raining a little? I want to go tomorrow with my friends from out of state, so I need to know, cuz it would really suck if it closed[x
Yes it does. However, depending on how much rain there is you may have some attractions closed.

For example when it rains some outside rides may close. Very common ones to close are Alice in Wonderland, Pirates Layer(Tom

Why does glue not dry while in its container?


How do I decide on a good magic set for children (about 8 years old)?

Ideally, less than $50
If you

Can anyone teach me how to make fire in the woods rubbing sticks together?

how do you do it
Nothing will make you feel more like a bushcraft god than mastering the art of making fire.

Step one: First you need to make a bow, so get a long, slightly bendy stick and tie a string (or shoelace) to each end, all bow-like.

Step two: Next, prepare a

How do they get the ships into those glass bottles?

Prefabrication. First you have to construct a ship with no pieces that will not fit into the opening of the bottle. Then you dis-assemble it and put it back together inside of the bottle using tweezers, hemostats or anything else that allows you to get the pieces in place.


Why do dimes and quarters have ridges on their sides, while pennies and nickels do not?

The tradition started years ago when coins were made out of pure silver and gold.

People would take a gold or silver piece and

Why do they call him Donkey Kong when he

The name was chosen by game designer Shigeru Miyamoto as a combination of the word

How safe are rollarcoasters?

in general and can you give me some stories of rollarcoaster disasters???


If you could become any video game character ever created in real life, who would you be and why?

As a long time gamer and video game producer, Ive played and worked with hundreds of different characters. Spider-Man 3 is my 4th Spider-Man project here at Activision and I can honestly say hes definitely the best character out there. Who else can swing across Manhattan in a matter if minutes during rush hour, crawl on just about any surface imaginable, build a giant web across huge skyscrapers to catch a falling helicopter, and take out any of the worlds most diabolical, genetically enhanced baddies? No one. I vote for Spider-Man. Who would you want to be?
Without a doubt master chief.

Alien invasion getting you down? No problem just whip out your plasma sword (name a cooler thing this side of a lightsaber?) and slice em up?

Hit by a few bullets, A rocket? A bus? No problem just find some cover and your handy dandy armor will recover your life and your energy in a flash.

Your ride to work ho hum? No problem, hope in a warthog with a friend mounted on the back and give new meaning to the term

How do you solve a rubik

How do you solve a rubik

How old were you when you first heard the term,

I don

How do you make standing Halloween creatures in your yard?


Can anyone give me an idea of some fun arts and crafts for kindergardners ages?? PLEASE help son is bored?

Build paper garlands by cutting long strips of construction or other paper, coloring them, and taping the ends in a circle. You can build a chain to decorate the house or his room, or wherever he wants.

My daughter and I also love the games on Kindersite (http://www.kindersite.org/Directory/Dire and it

Good hobby for 16 year old boy, Not involving computers or video games?


Raising Bonsai





Martial Arts




Cross country skiing


Rock collection

Fossil collection

Re building a classic car

movie making

Leather working

Model building

Model trains



Coin collecting


Ham (Shortwave)radio


Paint Ball

Horseback riding
Also learning a musical instroment like guitar

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drag racing !!!!

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paintball it is a fun adreline filled sport find your local paintball field and play. it is a safe sport the worst u get or little welts

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I second guitar.

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Body building

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golf ... it is the game for a lifetime. better than sitting on your duff in front of a computer.

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fencing! If you ever wanted to learn swordfighting, there are three weapons to choose from: the foil, the epee and the sabre. it

Do we make jewelry out of this mineral?

Speak for yourself. I can make garbage jewelry out of drugs and stuff.

If we did, it would be a little weird :)
Nah ... we make teeth ... It ain

What Is The First Question In A Game Of 20 Questions?

Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?
so it

Is Chris Crocker a boy or girl?

hes the kind of boy who looks better as a girl than a guy ..lmao

but he accedentally came out with boy parts..instead of girl parts..lol
oh wow....this question has over 500 answers!!!!!

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holy cow...545 answers!

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LOL he

How do I properly shuffle a Rubik

I have Cube that I

How do you stop your wool becoming a tangled mess when knitting with multi balls?

If you are knitting intarsia the best thing to do is to pull out several feet of yarn (more or less depending on how many stitches of that color you need to work) and cut them, letting them hang on the back of the work. Yes, they

Would You Rather Be The Moderator Or One Playing The Game?

Here it is. The first question on this account. What game is good old 8 Track Mind talking about? Well, it

Do you have to always block your knitting?


I want to make a

I am wanting to put it in one of those plastic kiddie pools. And a lt of it. Also, any other ideas for fun and gross things to do would be appriciated. We are going to have them toss raw spaghetti at each other, raw egg races, human sundaes, water gun fight.
An easy one to do is to mix water and cornstarch. The mixture has the property of allowing your hand through it if you put it in slowly, or to be hard and crumbly if you sock it. We used to make it and sell it during high school festivals and it was really popular. There is also a several other mixtures. There is a glue-based mixture which relies on a combination of Elmer

Whats the word that gives you the most points in scrabble?

You want to get a 50-point bonus for laying down all your tiles so apart from the opening move, you are looking to add 7 letters to make an 8-letter word, and ideally involving 2 high-scoring letters (Q Z X and J) one of them placed on a double-letter square, getting two triple word scores and (ideally) some extra words being made in addition to the main word you lay down.

eg your opponent kindly (foolishly) sends a word up to the top of the board by placing a word starting with T in the 6th square in the top row, reading down from there. The rest of the top row is empty.You jold QUIXOIC and lay down QUIXOTIC from the top left hand corner, reading across.

That scores 9 x (10 1 1 16 1 1 1 3 = 34) plus 50 more bonus points = 356 points.

QUIZZING (the second Z to be a blank) in the same position with a kindly-placed I in column 6 would score 374.

Any advance on 374, anyone?

(It is more than I normally score in a whole game!)
I believe that



Which one is a better system, PS3, Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii?

Which one will you buy?
Well thats a pretty vague question....but I guess I can give a couple answers?

PS3 is the most powerful, followed by the 360, then the Wii.

PS3 will have the most exclusives and bigger game library

(including the most amount of RPGs, like always)

PS3 online play is free.

PS3 can play blu-rays.

Wii has the quarky new controller.(might make games more fun)

Wii will have the regular amount of party games.

Wii will have zelda, nuff said?

360 has Halo 3(some believe is reason enough to buy it alone(i do not))

360 is out now.

360 rates 2nd in performace....

So depending on what is important for you I would go with that.

Personally? I like RPGs alot, along with their exclusives(Devil May Cry, among others) and like the concept of free internet so I

How do you play craps?

I just need to know the basics like after the point do you lose if you role a 2 or is that just when roling the point. and what happens if you role a 7 or 11 or 12 after you role the point?
he next time you are in the casino stop and listen when you approach the table games. From the craps pit you will probably hear whooping and hollering as you see high-fives and other animated gestures coming from the players. Craps is by far the most exciting game in the casino and the players are not afraid to let their emotions show. The game is fast moving and at times very loud. It is for this reason that craps is probably the most intimidating game to new players. If you feel this way you are not alone. Many players would like to learn how to play craps but the thought of approaching a craps table scares them.

It was a few years into my casino visits before I decided to find out what this game was all about and learn how to play craps. I knew that a pass line bet in craps with its low house edge of 1.41 percent made it one of the best bets in the casino. This gave me the incentive to take the plunge and learn how to play craps. It was a decision that I have never regretted. I love playing craps and over the years I have introduced many friends to this exciting game.

Craps is not as confusing as it looks. It actually is an easy game to learn. An understanding of the basics of the game and how to make a passline bet will get you started on your way. You dont have to be concerned with any other of the craps bets when you begin to play craps. There are about 40 different bets that can be made on a craps layout but most of them like the proposition and hardway bets have terrible odds that you should avoid. To get started playing craps, all you need to understand is the basic passline bet

Passline Bet

A simple passline bet works like this. You place your bet on the passline before a new shooter begins his roll. This is known as the come out roll. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 you win. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12, you lose. If the shooter rolls any other number, that number becomes the point number. The shooter must roll that number again before a seven is rolled. If that happens, you win even money for your passline bet. If a seven is rolled before the point number is rolled again, you lose.


A new shooter rolls the dice for the first time and they land on a 4 and a 2. The total is six, which becomes the

What is the best way to solve a Sudoku puzzle?

Does anyone have any tips to play and win this popular game?
Starting with the 9

I want to start a book club at my school how to begin?

I love to read and i want to share my books with others how can i convince my teachers and principal that having a book club is a good idea and where could i order the books from and how could i get the money?
Not sure where you go to school, but generally you don

How would you re shine an old coin?

I have a penny from 1935 (I believe) and I would like to make it shinny again. Of course, there is no shine to it right now. After I do that, I will most likely put it in an a case so it doesn

I want some stars please?

please can some one giv me some stars iv never gotton more than one and i try so hard ( tear) i would be so gratefull i must be so crap at this (tear)
Now that I

What If She Doesn

Just call me. I

Could MacGyver Use It To Save The World?

Question # 13 (brought to you by Question This)

Can anybody teach me how to fold a f-22 raptor paper airplane?

This is a tough question.

The only site I found with a true folded F-22 airplane was part of a gallery (See Gallery B, bottom right hand corner). I found no directions on how to make it but it may be published in a 2008 calendar. Here is the website if you wish to pursue this option or to check into the links for hundreds of other airplane designs that may appeal to you.


Otherwise, the only thing I could find were the pre-printed versions:

Here is a Lockheed pattern for making an F22 paper airplane:http://www.infosnow.ne.jp/~suzuki-a/airp

Here is a similar page that you can print your name and decorate the outside. Again, it isn

What machines have the best odds in Vegas?


Question Number Seven.........?

Question Number Ten. Can It Be Used As A Tool?

Question # 10 (brought to you by Been There Brilliantly Done That)

Question # 8. Will You Die If you Eat It?

Question # 8 (brought to you by Mysterious Panda)

Now remember....


Who can help me understand the casino game

i know that i can bet the pass line, and wait for the come out roll to point then bet for a 6 or 8 as they come up more often, but there must be another strategy that i can use that can not defeat me, like a combination of three bets? please tell me some safe ways to bet the craps table and not lose my butt.
Mathematically, any bet you make on a craps table is -EV which means it has a negative expected value. You are correct that the pass line along with 6 and 8 are the most favorable for the player, however they are still -EV, and if you make any of those wagers over time, you cannot win. Expected value can be calculated by finding the sum of all outcomes weighted by the likelyhood of each outcome.

Example: We are to flip a coin. Heads I pay you $1, Tails you pay me $2. Each outcome has a .5 chance, and my EV is calculated like this.

.5 (-$1) .5($2) = $0.50

Your EV should then be -$0.50 and looks like this.

.5($-2) .5($1) = -$0.50

While on any one flip, you may win or lose, on average you will lose $0.50 per flip, and the more times we flip the coin, the closer the actual amount won or lost will come to being exactly -$0.50.

Casino games work in exactly the same manner. By not paying you the proper odds when you win a wager, they ensure you cannot win over a large number of trials.
this is a good answer, but slightly incorrect. There are 2 bets on a craps table with EV. They are the don

This Question From Question This?

Question # 16 (brought to you by Question This)

Have You Ever Won Anything?

One time, in 1979, I won a contest at Love

Well then, is it hard or soft?

question # 4 brought to you by kitkat..

now remember, it

Is this item something Fireball would consider sinful?

Question # 6 (brought to you by Jack B.)

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What is backing fabric and why is it used?

Hi, I am making a patchwork quilt and have just finished attaching the 35 squares I am using. I need to know what is backing fabric, do I need it and how do you attach it to patchwork quilts?

Thanks :)
The quilt backing is the underside of your quilt. So when you turn it over you see the back of it. So the backing fabric is any fabric you chose for the back of your quilt. You should choose something on the softer side since this will be the side that it touching your body. This part should be larger than your actual quilt. then you lay the backing and the batting and your quilt top together and stitch. But be careful cuz depending on how you sew these together depends on the order of these 3 things. You can email me if you have more questions. Hope this helped!

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1. In the process for the manufacture of tufted textile articles by inserting yarn into a primary backing fabric by means of needles, the improvement which comprises coating said primary backing fabric with a lubricating composition prior to needle insertion of yarn into the primary backing fabric,

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1. In the process for the manufacture of tufted textile articles by inserting yarn into a primary backing fabric by means of needles, the improvement which comprises coating said primary backing fabric with a lubricating composition prior to needle insertion of yarn into the primary backing fabric,

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You only gave her 3 stars with 46 thumbs up!

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A backing adds weight to your quilt, and covers your seams.