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Monday, July 5, 2010

If you could become any video game character ever created in real life, who would you be and why?

As a long time gamer and video game producer, Ive played and worked with hundreds of different characters. Spider-Man 3 is my 4th Spider-Man project here at Activision and I can honestly say hes definitely the best character out there. Who else can swing across Manhattan in a matter if minutes during rush hour, crawl on just about any surface imaginable, build a giant web across huge skyscrapers to catch a falling helicopter, and take out any of the worlds most diabolical, genetically enhanced baddies? No one. I vote for Spider-Man. Who would you want to be?
Without a doubt master chief.

Alien invasion getting you down? No problem just whip out your plasma sword (name a cooler thing this side of a lightsaber?) and slice em up?

Hit by a few bullets, A rocket? A bus? No problem just find some cover and your handy dandy armor will recover your life and your energy in a flash.

Your ride to work ho hum? No problem, hope in a warthog with a friend mounted on the back and give new meaning to the term

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