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Saturday, July 24, 2010

What is the new gaming console that is motion sensored and you do not need controllers?

I saw on the news theres a new gaming console coming out whats motion sensored and you do not need controllers like what is it Eg. Wii, Xbox, Playstaion.

Thanks. Muse2399
I dont know what you saw but its not an actual system. Its a camera for the Xbox 360. It does let you play games without a controller like race car, and dancing, etc. Its call Kinect like these guys said. ^^^^
its not called kinect its called Project Natal and its a addon for the xbox!!

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Its the Xbox 360, but its an addon, its called kinect
Its not a console, its an addon to the Xbox 360 and is called the Kinect.
Its a addon for the xbox 360 called the kinect. the new gaming console you seen may be the new xbox 360 slim witch is made for the kinect where the old xbox360 you need an adapter but still works


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