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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Resident Evil 5 help?

ok so i just got Resident Evil 5. my little brother started to play it before me. when i finally got the chance to play it i couldnt find a way to start everything on me own. like i had weapons that he got and upgrades that he made and im just confused on how to start another one on my own.


If you didn't mind erasing his game save you could do that as well.

You could create another offline profile for yourself, but if its your gamertag and it's gold, I'd just erase the game data and start over.

The only way i know of is to use a different XBOX LIVE account. :(

Will thr Nintendo Dsi fit into a Nintendo Lite case?

Does the Dsi fot into the Ds Lite case. I have%26#039;t got a Lite so I cant tell, and my Dsi hasnt arrived in tthe post yet. But when it does im going to get a case for it. Will Ds Lite cases hold the Dsi securly

Yes it will, the only difference is that there will be a little extra space in the case just because the DSi is 12% thinner. I have a case from my DS lite and it holds the DSi pretty well. But if you%26#039;re talking about a hard case, I wouldn%26#039;t know since i have a soft one.

The DSi is slightly smaller so if you mean like a carrying case then yeah, but if you mean a protective case that stays on all the time then no.

the DSi will probably fit in the DS Lite case, it just may slid around a bit, because it%26#039;s a few inches smaller then the DS Lite.

It might not fit, the DSi is wider (across) and narrower (in tabletop height) than the original DS.

I dont think it will because the dsi is either a little bit smaller or larger than the ds ( i cant remember)

They%26#039;re exactly the same size. The DSi is just a few grams lighter.


Trading a level 85 adventure quest gaurdian account for any level runescape account over level 40!?

my email is babyprincess3283@yahoo.com for more information,and the account also comes with 4 other level 60 's on the same file,but only the level 85 is a guardian.

I will

What is quest guardian?

Oh and when you tell me you can have mine and is it free AND all that other goodstuff thank you.

Guitar Hero Experts? Please Help!?

I have guitar hero on playstation 2 but my brothers have lost the wireless receiver, I've looked everywhere for it but they don't seem to care.

Is there anywhere that I can buy a new receiver without having to buy another guitar?

Also, is each receiver "tuned" to its personal guitar or will a different one automatically link to my guitar?

http://tiny url.com/db3mox

There you go, buddy. Fill in the gap, Yahoo wouldn't allow me to post the full link.

A guitar can be linked to any receiver. There should be a syncronize button on both your Guitar and the receiver. Press them both at the same time and they will link together.

try going on ebay and amazon i got mine on there and they do spare parts (i went on amazon)

I think u nid to practice it using ps2 controller.....

How do you get this cheat on the sims 2 for p.c.?

there is this weird machine that makes you have babies with anyone and you can make your sim have a baby a.s.a.p. i really want to know cause i can't find it and it was the best cheat when i had it a while back.

just do the cheat boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then spawn the tombstone and from there you can add to family babies, children, whatever

Wow account how much is it worth?

How much is a lvl 80 paladin worth? just straight up... i just capped him so he has no gear.


$150 at most without any sort of gear. Nothing there to sweeten the deal.

absolutly nothing because buying/selling/trading/sharing of accounts is illegal


I havent a clue sorry

How do u activate cheat codes on sims 2 for gamecube?

You have to put in the cheat mode code during game play. It is Left, Right, Up, Left, Z. The 9,999 money cheat is Right, Left, Z, Right, Left. The unlock all recipes is Z, B, Up, Down, Right, A. The unlock all objects is Z, X, Down, Left, Up. The unlock all places is X, Z, Left, X, Up, X. Hope this helps. (just so you know you have to put in the cheat mode code in before all the other ones.

Trading in Resident Evil 5?

How much would I get if I traded in resident evil 5 at gamestop.

Roughly around $19.50

I would sell it on eBay or Craigslist you get more!

$30 - $35

How much are playstation 3s used?

250 and up

How much is a ps3 controller and how much is a ps3 memory card or does a ps3 come with these?

The Sixaxis is 50 bucks. Dual Shock 3 is 55 bucks.

The PS3 comes with a hard drive, so you can use the hard to save your game progress.

If you want to get a memory card, just look for a USB flash drive. If you have the 60 and old 80 gb, you can use SD, MemoryStick Pro, and Compact Flash cards.

Is FF:Echoes of Time any good?

Is the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time on the DS any good? I remember the crystal chronicles on the gamecube sucked like heck, is there a good storyline and gameplay in Echoes?

gameplay is basically an action-adventure rpg, with some puzzles, its based on co-op, so its better if you have a firned, and the storyline is pretty much squareenix stuff, not too good, not too bad.

Whats the best racing game for xbox 360?

whats the best racing game for xbox 360 i want a realistic racing game i have a racing simulator

DiRT - a EXTREMLY realistic rally racing game. Most realistic racing game i've ever played in my life!

GRiD - Basically the same game as DiRT just on roads and tracks versus on dirt. Also EXTREMLY realistic!

Those two are seriously the most realistic racing games out there except for games like Gran Turismo which I actually find extremly boring and quite UNrealistic.

If you have online for your PS3 you can download a demo for each one and try it out.

So if you want a realistic, fun, high-pace racing game get DiRT or GRiD.

paradise,need for speed undercover and need for speed carbon

Men Dirt 2 will be the best one...i think you should wait until in comes out...

oh and can you please answer the the last question I asked please?...

Baja: Edge of Control

It's a off road racing game if you like off road racing! The best I've played yet!

Harvest moon question please help?

ok i know in harvest moon a wonderful life when you die the game ends. however i have the special edition one. and on the back it says "keep playing even when the main game ends" does that mean i play as my son or daughter. it was under special edition includes.

It probably means that once you complete the game you just keep playing as the same character, kind of an open ended game like Oblivion.

Call of duty world at war xbox 360 question ?

How do people get 10th prestige so quick?? when the game was released someone got 10th prestige within 2 weeks? but how ??

people get 10th prestige faster then that, the way how is they have no life, they played the game when it first came out and only stop to go to the bathroom(maybe) and to eat other then that they were playin constantly. I mean call of duty is a good game yeah and i love to play it but cmon thats a little insane.

CAll of duty games are prone to glitches (especially ps3) and they use these glitches to their advantages. Also some people hack the game. Also like he said, some people have no life

Devil May Cry vs. God of War?

Which one do you like better?



Devil May Cry

GOD OF WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

World of Warcraft Question?

Hi! :D

I quit a while ago and want to see how the game has changed since the release of Wrath of the Lich king.

Unfortunately, I used a scroll just after the Burning Crusade came out.

Due to changes in the game, I do not know if I actually want to buy game time.

So is it possible to use a Scroll of Resurrection more than once? (From a different person of course)

Of course you can just get the person to send the email to re-invite you to WoW then you will get another bit of game time so no worries :)

Gta4 Awp TROPHY! playstation 3?

me n my mate decided to go for the awp trophy we did everything on the list still no trophy,grr!

i have the same problem. it do the trophy but it wont give it to me. im not sure what to do. :( im one trophy away from platinum

WoW Scroll of Resurrection?

Hi! :D

Just wondering if anyone would be willing to use the scroll on me?

Quit a while ago and want to see how the game has changed ;)

Message me for my info?

Thanks in advance!

ill do it, email me lukykentuky@yahoo.com

Why should I buy Fallout 3?

I have heard from friends and reviews that this is a great game. I have a PS3 and will get it for that system if I do choose to buy it. I just want to know what other people like and dislike about it.

Thanks in advance.

One of the BEST games on the 360... or ever.

The size and amount of things you can do is amazing, not upto oblivion but still impressive.

The graphics are very nice, the atmosphere... so good.

You can get SO much game for your buck when you buy fallout, you can play for 50 hours without even touching the main quest.

Bottom line: Buy this game, it's a must own.

It's an awesome game. If you've ever played Oblivion or Morrowind, then it'll be kinda like them in the way you play the game.

it doesn't require you to do any quest in particular. You can do whatever you want in the game. it has all sorts of miniquests you can do.

the only thing that i didn't like about it was that the main story was so short.

if u like to wander around a huge planet and explore then this is the game for you. in this game u have to take care of yourself, your weapons, and u missions. it can be a little frustrating at times but if your into that role playing game then you will like it.

I hated it

Overdramatic and too many bugs for my liking

Which is better on Cod5?

Which weapon is better in cod5 online?

1) double barrel or trench gun

2)STG-44 or MP40

3)BAR or M1A1 Carbine

1) Double barrel

2) STG-44 with red dot

3) BAR

Get the extra ammo unlocked for the BAR!

1) Double Barrel

2) I think MP40

3) I think BAR

trench, stg, m1a1

What moves should I teach my Shaymin on pokemon diamond?

Im going to a Shaymin event tommorow and I want to know what the best moves to teach it would be.

'If you're going to the UK event, your Shaymin will arrive at Lvl 50 and already know Substitute, Aromatherapy, Seed Flare and Energy Ball, which are a good mix of healing, protective and offensive moves.

If you're planning on getting Platinum, don't do anything with Shaymin yet, wait until you have Platinum and then transfer him over, you'll be able to unlock the Gracidea Flower which transforms Shaymin into its Sky Forme, in which it can learn Air Slash, a cool Flying-type move, at Lvl 64. I would replace Substitute with this (but remember that Air Slash can only be used during the day, because Shaymin reverts to its Land Forme at night). Aromatherapy is a useful move because it heals the status conditions of your entire team.

If you're not planning on getting Platinum, you can't access the Sky Forme (yet), but the moveset Shaymin arrives with is still pretty cool. Although I'm not a fan of Substitute, it does give you a breather, and in some cases that can be enough to get the battle back on track. Otherwise, a move like Giga Drain might be a useful replacement for Substitute, as it can absorb the opponent's HP. This, combined with Aromatherapy and the two offensive moves (which normally Shaymin wouldn't learn until lvls 73 and 100 - think of it as a treat for obtaining the special Shaymin) make Shaymin a versatile and useful addition to the team.

i think you should train him to 100 and see what moves that does the much damage or makes him slower on attacks etc.

then at 100 if your not happy you can learn him some good tm's if you want just do your way man i have learned my shaymin four tm's that are pretty good but i recomend you think about it and see what moves he can learn:D

Where is the Gamecube Lens located?

I'm pretty sure its somewhere in the Gamecube.........XD

It should be located on where u put the disk in.The disk drive!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is masking tape effecting for covering parts of a plastic model airplane when spray painting?

The blue painters tape is better for masking the model if you already have paint on it. When you pull off the painters tape it does not pull off the paint. Masking tape is great for masking on the unpainted plastic however do not leave it on for too long or it will leave a residue.Make sure the leading edge is down good with no gaps and the paint should not seep under it.

I forget what it is called, but the paint on masking stuff is much more effective in my opinion. It is much easier to apply to curved surfaces that you typically get on planes.

However masking tape is usually fine also, just takes longer to do properly.

kinda, you should go to walmart or any other store like that and buy sheets of vinyl the kind decals are made of, in the craft section. cut it into thin strips and use it like tape. it's like the peel and stick kind.

hoped it helped.

Yes, and sometimes the cheap kind of tape is better (less sticky) if you are concerned about pulling stuff off when you remove the tape. Get less sticky cheap tape at the dollar store.

I would get painters tape. It is blue. And should come off better than masking tape. Wal Mart has it.

yes it is pretty munch the same as painters tape


Do you think rock, paper, scissors is the best way resolve somthing?

Works for me all the time :)

Why not. Quick, easy and everyone knows how to play.

depends if you win then yehahhhh but ifff you loseeee the no :P

i always lose..... so no.

yes you cant cheat and its so random with a little skill

it depends.... if u lose, wats the loss

How to scrap a page in a scrapbook ?

1. Pick something you want from what your scrapbook page to be about(a holiday,wedding, birthday-anything!) and gather some photos and keepsakes reminding you of the event.

2. Choose some card, you want the colour to be linked to the subject.Also get some more card to matt the photos and writing.

3. Make the page look better,stick the photos on to some cards (a different colour to the background) and cut about 1cm away around the photo to make it look as if it is in a frame as such.

4. Type the title you want in large on your computer and matt it like the photos,or if you have got a cutting machine (sizzix,ellison.ect.)where you can buy the alphabets.

5. Put patterns across the page or put embellishments on the page,but you can do what ever you want.

6. Type the date and other important facts on the page,these also should be matted.

7. Look before sticking anything on the page,move them round to see where you like them best,then stick them down.

8. Keep all your scrapbook pages in a folder if you wish, it keeps them from getting damaged. Have a folder for each topic if you wish.

Go to your local library. Mine has a lot of books on scrapbooking. Make sure to look at the magazines too. There are several different scrapbooking and paper craft mags. You should be able to check out the old issues

go to walmart in the crafts and get a scrapbook kit or just look at the ones they have and get a general idea.

What do you use for the inside of homemade cards?

if you use colored cardstock for the outside, what do you use for the inside?

I usually use a white or light colored card stockk cut just an 1/8%26quot; smaller on all sides of the original card. Then I glue it in and stamp a saying and a small design. Or you can stamp the inside and use a light colored or white embossing powder. Or you can write in a silver or gold pen. All of these have worked for me. I get the majority of my supplies at Michael%26#039;s. With a 40% off coupon - everything is reasonable. You can get the coupons emailed to you by signing up at Michael%26#039;s. Or if you have a Joann%26#039;s near you they have all the supplies also.

I do one of three things.

Sign the inside in a color marker, like silver

Mat the inside with a light color cardstock-just mat the inside, right side of card

Use parchment paper-cut it slightly smaller that the card, fold in half and use a small piece of tape to adhere. Tape it to the inside left side. That way when you open it the inside liner opens up.

I picked up a pack of parchment paper at Michael%26#039;s cheap. The pack had 3 pale colors in it


What is the best glue to use to stick shells on to wood boxes?

I live in the UK and its hard to come by good glue that sticks shells right away to the boxes. At the moment I am using this good glue, but the problem is the smell and the prices of it. its almost 9 a tin. I am open to suggestions

The best is an impact adhesive, such as 'Evostik'

Comes in a tube, any hardware store and no lasting smell once it has dried. It is fairly instant, it is inexpensive.

Also fairly 'instant'

why the hell would I know that and why have you put that question in games and recreation.

Try an instant grab adhesive like No More Nails if all else fails . ...( it's actuallly in Hobbies & Crafts @tracy ... DOH !! )

I think your best bet is to get a hot glue gun.


Any kind of strong contact glue,but read instructions

What is the clip on a Zippo?

Zippo lighters have a clip that can be lowered and raised, what's it for?

It`s for easier opening and closing of the lid

Why do people think so little of miniature wargamers?

I have had many of my friends and other people I know that are athletes to nerds tell me that I need to get a life because I set up battles with miniatures. This is not all I do either. I also play electric guitar and a million other hobbies, but no matter what, people think you have no life if you wargame. Some of the people whom have said I need a life play WoW nonstop and play xbox all the time. Is there something I'm missing here?

I wouldn't sweat what they think. I used to do the mini wargames too waaaay way back, and I'm also an avid WoW gamer. WoW is very similar except you're playing in virtual reality and the quests have been setup for you. (XBox is boring if you ask me, and I do have one.)

Try finding a mini wargame guild to hang out with. Don't sweat it. Some people love bowling, some love football, and tons of people simply do not get the point of watching golf or baseball. If you're not able to share your interests with your current friends, expand your network. Shared interests are the path to male bonding so there is that subtle pressure to fit in. Knocking others down for being different is also a male thing--creating the pecking order. So don't let it bug you (or at least don't let them see you unsure of yourself.) Be true to who you are and, trust me, when you make the right friends, these people will be convinced you are the coolest one on the block.

I paint minis but I've never understood the games. That said, there a guy on one of the forums who plays Warhammer but is also a serving Marine.

Hey I do the same thing and my friends make fun of me for it, too. Who cares. If you like doing it, then do it.

I play call of duty, Halo, and crossfire. All my friends don't stereo-type like that.

Does anyone know any trading card stores that buy cards and that are near Boston, MA?

I need to get money, and I need to get rid of old trading cards.

I think there is a place at the Braintree Plaza or somewhere near it in Braintree. Five Corners maybe? My memory's a little fuzzy as I haven't been there for a while. Doesn't Newberry Comics have an affiliate you could ask about?

RC Buggy Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I want to get my little brother a rc buggy with good suspension, speed, and range. What should I get him. I would like it to be no more than $75

You'd be extremely lucky to find a nitro or even electric buggy that cheap. There was a mini car by Team Losi that was fastish and was the first mini car with full suspension and it came with its own two channel crystal radio, except is was about $100. Try EBay.

I have a rc controller that has a 650mA 8cell battery in it, can i use a 8cell battery pack with 1100mA?

As long as the cell count is the same which you state it is, you can use it.

What are some creative things to make with broken skateboards?

I have a bunch of broken decks and I want to make something creative out of them. Any ideas?

i just nail them all up on my walls i have one wall completely covered...haha doesn't really answer your question though

Do you collect items, objects, or other things?

i was what other people collect? Why they collect it? How many you have so far?

i think collecting things is cool. i luv it. it gives you a reason to have more of wat u like and gives you memories.

This might be stupid, but I collect Snapple caps, the ones where they have real facts on them. Their drinks taste good and I get a free informational cap with it, WHO WOULDN'T WANT THAT?? *nudge nudge* xD

Do you have a collection of anything daft ?

Hi, some collect the usual stuff such as stamps or old coins etc.

I have a mate who has taken to collecting garden sheds.

For some demented reason he now has three at home, and a further 5 on his allotement.

A property developer on an odd scale.

I personallly collect pencils. Not the ones you may "borrow" from the office, as if freinds or family travel, they know that I would like a pencil particular to the place. Odd, cheap & cheeful.

Do you, or someone that you know collect odd things ?


thats really funny it reminds me of a poem about a shed in space from a book called song of the city. I collect paper. I am an artist and anytime I see nice paper I want it. I have a lot of paper :)

I collect songs, not just any songs but really cheesy ones, the kind you only hear at weddings. The best thing is they don't take up much room as they are stored on my external hard drive.

I have over 17,000 of them, Russ abbot, Alvin Stardust, Shawaddywaddy, I have them all.

No nothing daft,just wonderful shoes and bags and scarves and I collect pens with the names of hotels I have stayed in . I saw a programme about people who travel all over getting pictures of pylons I find that a strange hobby !

I collect old processors(Cyryx MII is my fav), and motherboards


Plllleaaasee help.

Thank you so much

Do you, by any chance, mean the kind of gathering you do when sewing ruffles? If so, I prefer to do it the traditional way because I have more control over the results. If I want the gathers uneven for a specific reason (on a tiered skirt, I like fewer gathers in front and more over my ample backside, so it looks evenly gathered all around when I wear it) I can do exactly what I want if I'm gathering by hand. With automatic gathering equipment, you take whatever it's been designed to do..

Where can I buy yellow duct tape?

Michaels (crafts supplies shop) and WalMart both carry it, at least in my area. The packages of the special colored tape aren't big, but if you only need a little bit, it should work. WalMart had it in the hardware/paint dept. I forget where Michaels had it. Ask a clerk.


Dried out tacky glue? How to rewet it?

The tacky glue is all dried out in the bottle.. instead of buying a new one, can I add something to it to make it wet glue again? Like water or vinegar or something?

Nope, sorry. Permanent white glues are not water-soluble once they're dried (acrylic paints are the same), only while they're still wet.

You could soften the surface of white glue by submerging it in water for a day or a week, but that's still not going to "dilute" the glue.

Next time, if you keep white glues around for a long time and you are thoroughly closing the top every time, you can make the seal better by putting a small piece of plastic wrap over the top of the bottle or jar before screwing the lid on, or wipe some Vaseline around the outer screw ribs of the top of the bottle/jar before screwing the lid on.


Diane B.

Hanging/breaking a heavy pinata?

It's my friend's birthday and I put her gift inside of a pinata. The problem is that the pinata is quite heavy and I'm not sure if it can hold its weight after being hit (the infrastructure inside might snap). My goal is for the pinata to break above ground in the air so the contents can spill onto the ground. As of now it can hang by itself but I'm a bit hesitant for when it's going to be hit. I just don't want the whole pinata to plop onto the ground without breaking. Can someone think of any kind of alternatives of where I can place the pinata to be hit? Or any suggestions at all...

Make a heavy-wire loop (old coat hanger, maybe) and put it around the pinata. Attach the hanging loop to that -- or use the hook of the coat hanger if you use one. That way, the weight is supported by the wire. If you're afraid it;ll bisect your pinata, put a small piece of heavy cardboard between the wire and the pinata on the underside. Paint it the right color.

What to do with a sonic the hedgehog cosplay?

im getting a sonic the hedgehog costume *its a full costume with a foam head and everything* i have some funny idea's on what to do with it, but have you guys got any idea's on what i could do with it to have fun, lol

Hmmm, the possibilities are endless!!!

-Wear to a convention (captian obvious i know)

-Walk into a walmart, and buy a sonic item (Game/ toy/ etc...)

-Walk down the street (if you live in a place with lotsa ppl)

-Go to a skatepark w/ a skateboard (if you can or able to skate in costume)

-Ride your bike thru the park, (or even better run)

-Ring the doorbell of neighbors houses, and run After they see you

(anything to get attention really. You might get thrown out though...)

Hockey card worth more?

I opened a pack of upper deck trilogy (hockey cards) and saw a card with just a picture. There wasn't a name, position, team, or player number on the front like the others. However the back was normal. Does that make this card worth more or anything?

Thanks for the help


If you

want to start making swarovski crystal and rhinestone phone cases.

Does anybody know where to get good prices on swarovski crystal?

Can you buy them in-stores anywhere,like an arts & crafts store?

How many do you need to cover your standard phone case?

& anymore details if you want to fill me in, that would be awesome!

Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Completely covering a cell phone case with swarovski crystals is pretty expensive. There is no such thing as cheap swarovski crystals.

That said, you can buy them at local bead or craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Exactly how many you need will be determined by the size and construction of the case.

Cosplay Ideas Please:)?

In April I'm going to an anime convention and I wanna cosplay.

Its really hard to explainn butttt..

The theme has to be naruto. But I don't want to cosplay as a Naruto Character. You see wat I'm saying? Its like I'm making up a character that would be in Naruto. So I need basic Ideas on what I would wear. I know I need a headband so I already got one of 'em. But its gotta sound like somethig you would see on the show...

Thankyou! Sorry the question is so confusing :(

It depends on what you want to be. You can dress up as one of the Anbu( probably the easiest. You don't have to come up with something completely new. You also add your own personality to the costume with accessories, hairstyles, weapons, animal mask etc.)

You also can come up with a character design. i would look on google images and type in anime ninja (boy or girl) and get some ideas from there. Good luck hope you have fun cosplaying

( I would also look at cosplay.com they have some really cool stuff there)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What is a good game for an xbox 360?

i just got an xbox 360, and planning on getting a game after finnishing kung fu panda and lego indiana jones. What should i get from ebay? is ebay a good place to buy games, is there any risk that the game won't work? gamestop

Gears of War 2 is a real good game. If your deciding to get Xbox Live. It's gonna get crazy. If you do get Xbox Live my Xbox name is XemoyX. Don't forget the last X is capital everyone forgets. Plus get mirror edge. It's really good. Crtics even gave it the best action game of 2008. Halo Wars. Real good. I played the demo. Lot of planning. Play the demo. EBay is kinda bad because they were used and might have problems with the game. That would be the reason why they put it on Ebay. Becareful.

There is a risk the games could be scratched but if there's pictures it shouldn't be a big deal.

I would say RE 5, Street Fighter 4, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Dead Rising, Call of Duty 4 or 5 (I prefer 4), Lego Star Wars Collection, or one of the many good racing games.

I tried to think of some good games from a variety of genres because you didn't really specify.

Ebay is good but, I recomend Gamestop so you know what your getting. Some really good games are Gears of Wa(any) and and either call of duty 4 or 5. If u like sports, the best is Madden 09, it is an excellent football game.

I get xbox games for free from FREEG1STUFF.TK

Were is South Central in Midnight Club LA For PS3?

I already downloaded the South Central Map AD-ON in the PlayStation Store and It finished Downloading but what do I do now?

Install the map pack. When you start the game, if it didn't add to the game automaically, go to your 2nd menu while in cruise, where the online info is. Go to the "downloadable content" section and activate your map pack. South Central is, obviously, located South of the LA map.

I am trying to find a PC RPG game that I played the demo for about a year ago. (I would like to purchase it)?

You play as a female character and begin on a bridge with an old mage. He ends up teleporting you to a town and you are to travel to meet him later (after you finish quest in that town, I believe). You have the ability to switch into the spirit realm and talk to ghost. (there is a quest in the beginning where you have to do a quest for the ghost of a knight who is in the small graveyard at the beginning of the town) It's a 3D game and the combat is real-time. You enter building by actually running in and around them. (i.e. you don't just click the door to enter and the next scene puts you in a room)

I remember fighting trees and bears in the forest outside of the town.

I really liked the game and would be happy if I could find it again to purchase and play during my free time.

Sounds like Oblivion or maybe morrowwind

What Virtual Console game should I get? Please help me decide.?

What Virtual Console game should I get? I really want to get one but I dont know which! Please suggest one tell me why and so forth. I dont like RPGs much, but still, If you know a fun RPG game, Mention it!


You should get an RPG! I don't know what games they have for them, but i checked on the inter net and they say that the RPG's are better than anything else. If I gave a fake source it's because I didn't know what the website was called! lol. ;)

Get pokemon stadium 2 or Pokemon Snap

What are the differences between the DSi and DS light?

ive herad about the new DSi from other questions and i want to know the differences between the new DSi and DS light.

Can you help me????

The DS lite works with all DS games and GBA games. The DSi works with only DS games, has a shop channel like the Wii's, has a camera, plays music which you can warp, has a sound recorder that also allows you to warp sounds you make, has an internet browser, and you can also warp images you take.

The Sims 3 - for the mac?

Is The Sims 3 going to be available for the mac when it comes out in June?

well my dear i have some awesome news for you!!! not only will it be coming on for a mac! it will be coming out the exact same day as the pc version! and.... IN THE SAME BOX! ON THE SAME DISC!!YAYAYAYYAYA! they put both versions on the same disc ! so jus go to gamestop and pick-it up when it comes out!- also- notice on the new cover that on the front it says PC and then MAC right underneath it! so go ahead... do your happy dance ;) btw- EA confirmed this too!

I don't think so. PC will come out first. They are still trying to make the one for the MAC. Then other systems like gameboy, ps2, etc.

Question about madden 09 on my ps3 online 1st person to have good anser 10 points?

ok wenever i try too download the new update for madden 09 on my ps3 it goes up to 1% then sais error has occured or sumthing i tried to download it so many times but it always does the same thing i even tried to make a new acount on my ps3 and download it but it still didnt work so now i cant play online. how do i fix it

Same thing happened to me man. First you have to check your wireless connection if it%26#039;s 75% or under it wont work. Then you have to sign onto EA online and give them your email and activate it then your good to go. Good luck

You either have a very poor internet connection, there is a problem with the disk, or there is a problem with your PS3. I would contact Sony and see if they can help in any way.

contact sony or its just a ban connection glitch sorry man.


Trade pokemon from fire red to platinum?

i have the chord but there is no where to put in on my ds. how do i get my pokemon from fire red to platinum

you have to do the pokemon league ...........then go to migration place...............(find it on the map) (south of sandgem town) then put your fire red game into your ds......then you can kmigrate pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... (it wont work if ur pokemon know TMs)

What is the Pokemon platinum game id?

The GameShark Game ID is: CPUJ bc3ea632

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, they go:



Open for Business



Bon Voyage


and Apartment Life

You don't have to, but it makes sense, as each one has things that interlock and some of the later noes have features that the past ones had anyway.

Can you get addicted to online games?

Why was I barred from games.?

Just tried to connect with games and was told that I was barred, why.

In Need of a good cop game!?

I%26#039;m looking for either a PC game or Xbox360 game that is similar to Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, but better. I have searched some game websites, but cannot find anything even close to these.

So my question is, are there any new cop racing games like NFS:HP2? (NFS:HP2 is from 2002, I would%26#039;ve thought a decent one could%26#039;ve been created in 6 years, but perhaps not?)

The NFS games are the best place for police pursuits, although recently you%26#039;ll be running instead of chasing. NFS: Most Wanted, Carbon %26amp; Undercover have chases. I know NFS:Carbon has a pursuit mode for 2p.

The %26quot;Driver%26quot; series for Playstation was good too, but it was more running from the Police instead of chasing. I want to say one of them had a 2p pursuit mode, but I%26#039;m not 100% sure it%26#039;s been a while.


Can online games give your computer viruses?

Gamestop trade in policy?

Did anyone attempt at Gamestop to trade in the PSP games and movies that came in the little cardboard case that says "not for resale"? Do they accept it or not?

If a guy tried to embarrass you by challenging you to punch him right in the bellybutton as hard as you can...?

...(because it doesn't hurt there and people will laugh at you for being weak)

Would you still dare to aim exactly at that spot or would you resort to cheating by hitting elsewhere such as his solar plexus instead to save your face?

It wouldn't embarass me at all. I don't play those kind of mind games, and I don't encourage childish behavour in others. I would probably pat him on the stomach and ask him if it hurt.

Ps3 Games-Want to buy large quantities?

i want to buy a large quantity of ps3 games in bulk lots for cheap prices, does anybody know a supplier i could get this from.

If so can you give me the website where i can buy these games from

Any information is helpful

Contact the publisher for the games you want to buy/sell.

they can get you in touch with distributors or set you up to recieve stock for sales.

Men who GAME what is the deal?

My husband does nothing but play games and it drives me crazy. He has actually played 12 hrs in one setting before. Please tell me am I crazy or do other men do this?

Only when we dont have any hobbies, or are mentally upset with something and trying to escape the world.

i play all the time too.

mostly in my free time, but i have a lot of it.

Most men do this. Play with him and/or get more involved in the game than he does. He won%26#039;t play as much then. That%26#039;s what happend to me anyway.

i would say 95% or men do this. Computers are great and there are so many things to play. Don%26#039;t shout at the men, if you want it to stop, see the manufacturers

12 hours, is a bit much, I play about 6 hours a night, as my family all watch terrible tv shows, like home and away, neighbour etc etc. so I play games instead!

I was once a gaming addict spending 10 hours a day on WoW. It was because immersing myself in the games helped me escape my real life. But that was years ago and now I%26#039;m happy to say I%26#039;m not an addict. I play console games almost everyday but for a maximum of an hour if I have absolutely nothing to do. If I have other plans I ignore my games. It%26#039;s just a time filler when I%26#039;m bored.

So now that you know my situation, you have to understand that your husband is trying to escape reality. It doesn%26#039;t mean that his life sucks it just means he prefers his virtual life. Only way to get rid of his addiction is to go cold turkey to help him realize that the real world is much better.

Gaming is like TV nowadays, it%26#039;s very common. But that hours that he%26#039;s playing suggests he has a problem. Don%26#039;t let your kids suffer, get help on this issue.

Sorry to break the men only rule but-

Play along with him and get the kids involved! Your hubby sounds like one of my best friends. He hates watching TV so usually has some sort of game going on. Drives his wife crazy too ^_^ so don%26#039;t feel bad. He really loves to play multiplayer games with his 2 older kids- they spend most of thier free time together gaming. Great way to connect with the kiddies.

My hubby is a gamer- he rarely watches tv or movies, but it%26#039;s okay I am too. 12 hour sessions is not uncommon for him, me, or us. I have to say I think it is a guy thing. My brothers- although not as often can put in a 12 hour session too. Get used to it- the harder you press for him to stop or cutback, the less likely he is to do so.

Well yes other men do this , i%26#039;m one of them , my result is he%26#039;s bored with u or his life style,, if u find smething else for him to do , like satisfaction, of both selves u might find ur answer,, trust me there%26#039;s tooo much empty spae between uzzzz!!!! step it up on the sex side?



What is the no coming matka?


Rate my Pokemon Pearl team please? :)?

I've finished all the gyms and am trying to now beat the elite four, although my team isn't quite strong enough, so I am leveling them. I really just want help on the moves of my pokemon, and the types of pokemon in my team.

1. Lvl 59 Palkia

-Earth Power

-Ancient Power

-Dragon Claw

-Spacial Rend

2. Lvl 59 Infernape

-Flame Wheel

-Close Combat

-Flare Blitz

-Rock Smash

3. Lvl 42 (I know, still leveling) Luxray




-Thunder Fang

4. Lvl 36 (I know, I know) Gyrados

-Dragon Pulse

-Aqua Tail


-Dragon Rage

5. 6.

I still have options. What would work best out of these? (Keep in mind that I am still leveling them all):

Lvl 48 Floatzel




-Aqua Jet

Lvl 35 Haunter

-Sucker Punch

-Shadow Punch


-Shadow Ball

Lvl 50 Azelf



-Future Sight

-Nasty Plot

Lvl 50 Uxie



-Future Sight


Lvl 34 Sneasel (I intend to evolve it)

-Faint Attack

-Fury Swipes


-Icy Wind


A Riolu I'm gonna get from the dude on Iron Island and evolve into a Lucario.


I would really appreciate answers on how I can improve my pokemon (more moves than anything, cause I know I gotta level them), which pokemon to put in my team, and whichever other pokemon you think would go well with my team.

So yeah, thanks to anyone who answers. xoxx

if u plan on having a lucario dont go with sneasel

or u might not go with lucario and keep a sneasel

u might want to try a bronzong

i wud also suggest electivire and magmortar

for more specifications go to


check out the moves of a variety of pkmn

hve fun

hope u beat the elite 4

How to use PayPal to purchase MGO scene?

Konami said that when scene is available you will be able to use paypal to buy it. I'm trying to buy it, but it gives me no option for paypal - only VISA and Mastercard, neither of which I have.

How do I use PayPal?

My Warlock in WoW PvP?

I have recently rerolled a lock alt for pvping purposes, but now he's level 50 and I'm looking at forums and what not, it's not looking good for warlocks, I'm just wondering if I would be fine if I had gear and a good spec?

Any type of answer will help.

Warlocks are brilliant in PVP, you may die, but your dots will kill them after you die if you slap 'em on fast enough.

Have a play about with specs and find one which suits you best.

Good Luck PVP'ing :)

Sorry man I'm not a Warlock I'm a warrior but a good spec for Warlocks are would be going into destruction and getting yourself some shadow/fire gear. I'm not sure what to get a level 50 but this amour is for level 80s I think so hope this helps.

Any one wants 2 join a cod 5 w@w zombies clan (360)?

leave gt and i will add you my gt is devilmanh8u

hey id like to join!

my Gt is moneychoker

BTW i only join aussie clans

Pokemon pearl ds nintendo event question?

I Have gone through 3 nintendo events at toysrus but my friend missed them.Is There any way that i can get her to go through the events that i went through between both of our ds with mystery gift.If yes then could someone please tell me how to do it or if it can't be done then please let me know. thanks

My parents gave me a Grow Colossal Crystals kit thingymajig but...?

Well i made the solution for it (the first project thing) and am now on the second where i need to put it into an 8 oz cup thing so it fills about half way. Anyways it says it should take about 24 hrs but with good seeds it should take around 3 days. wat is the difference with good seeds? I have waited two days and a half but nothin happened. I think i did the solution right, but i cant do it again.


Does animal crossing feel more like a chore than a game?

the game makes you pay a mortgage, water your flowers/plants so they won't die. make sure no one in your town is sick. pulling weeds. keeping the house clean so roaches won't come. make sure your favorite neighbhor isn't moving.

So true! I hate playing it, so stopped and now my place is like, weed city.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

World of Warcraft

Wrath of the Lich King(World of Warcraft)

Well, finally going to last. Finally, we present is blizzard superman gas network game title World of Warcraft World of Warcraft (latest expansion in Wrath of the Lich King (Wrath of the Lich that players web resources) pack downloads. As the first launched blizzard online RPG world of warcraft for several years in the world scope won good sales performance, its first in the burning crusade expansion is made that exceeds the original sales, the second expansion in wrath of the lich king of many players will become the focus of attention.

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Granado Espada

Below is a product of the network game from South Korea, is that the resources of the medieval themes n. software development network role-playing game sword of the Espada. Granado The kit release in the first half of 2007, although not capacity, but the rich connotation.

>>Please hit here (Granado Espada) to downloads

Phantasy Star Universe

Actually, some Japanese company is very kind. For example: sega. For you. (Star) players Phantasy Universe pack downloads websites. As a heterogenous game. The players site resources pack downloads page is very concise, out of a bag for the resources are briefly introduced, the only one click on the download link, is really a nice strong setting.

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Pirates of The Burning Sea

In The film "Pirates of The Caribbean" theme of The development of American sailing whenever functions in a Sea of combustion Pirates of The Pirates (of), Burning Sea recently launched players. Site resources, Before the game with the different sections of the sea, the combustion of pirates of all resources unity and packaged together, but the arrangement of up.accroding for players to download. But only provides the original part, wallpaper, logo and ICONS, and did not provide any downloaded the game content is introduced.

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Then, the present is from Korea famous network game manufacturer of classic NCsoft sub-editor paradise II (lineage2) players, this website resources pack downloads from the north American players web resources download page bag, not only provides related resources download, package also provides the official news of RSS subion address, and some of the official website of the dynamic logo.

This has been operating for online RPG, still in the worldwide scale number of players with fans, the latest expansion and the end of new race "dark angel" join, but adds new vigor for the game.

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Warhammer Online

Next to you is by the electronic arts (EA) company development of large-scale Online RPG Online hammer the Warhammer Online website. Players resources, The Mythic under existing as EA super popular game "card of the dark ages of melos, the hammer of the physical accelerated Online game development design, fashionable and based on the classical game series of hammer, new RVR mode, perfect will be merged in PVP and PVE in general.

In the Online hammer the resource pack downloads page contains the 2006 released two different amounts of resources, respectively, and the integration of the 60MB 70MB all content.

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Guild Wars

Players FanSite Kit (web resources) is a kind of by the game developers offer website administrator, used to build the game related websites related resources integration of all kinds of games, including a lot of players. As a foreign manufacturer, most of the time, the game will be in its web site to provide relevant gamers web resources pack for players to free download, although at present in China is not very popular.

FanSite Kit (web resources pack), the players, the built-in provided by the game developers of documentation, including the game as material, icon screenshots page layout, even as the basic content of the site must be related resources compressed package. Mainly used to give love games enthusiasts hope make this game or unofficial site administrators, which can better understand or more convenient relevant sites of resources. Generally speaking, the player site kit, will provide comprehensive game developers, rich and elaborate game and the surrounding material. Players or administrator only through simple Settings can complete the relevant production.

Recently, a number of small specially picked popular overseas market network game sites provide resource pack downloads. Players

First is from Korea large 3D online role-playing games Guild Wars that shares blackart lens (altogether) players, this website resources by Korean ArenaNet company in the international network game, has a high response, except in the kit contains a large amount of relevant content and introduces the original, but the northern joined the expansion of information, as well as the eye of ArenaNet company logo and the original game design. This website provides web resources to provide package, players can be classified according to need to select files, pack downloads.

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